December 7, 2012

Photo-less Update

Dear all,

I am so sad, devastated that I couldn't update my blog with photos anymore due exceeded limit of space used. I think I've edited my photos religiously and I think I did not post too many photos in..but well there must be some thing, some where.

Any how, please bare with my inefficient and lack of skill to solve this matter..I may need to ask HELP..

For now, please do visit and like my FB  page and follow my Instagram (zatilscakerylane) on my baking updates.

Till then take care ;)

November 17, 2012

Funfetti Vanilla Cake with Vanilla Frosting

The reason I baked this was because my Iman had returned home from the last day of school frustrated. He said, they had a party and the cake was too small and he only had a teeny slice. He also said he asked for more but there wasn't any more left. When I heard that I got mad at first..but then, what am I a mommy baker and this is the time to show off to my son that I can bake big one cake for him for no special occasion. Hiksss pretty bad mommy am I ?

I asked Iman what was the cake like..and he said..the cake was almost white with rainbow colour inside. I showed him the rainbow cake photo and he said no. Then I showed him this funfetti cake photo and he immediately said..Aah mommy that's the small cake at school..

Tadaaaaa..I baked this last night and told him in the morning, it's yours! With big gleaming eyes, teeth not yet brushed, he said..mommy terbaikk..

Personally, it's not my type of cake though..but, you know kids..anything colorful, fancied them enough.

Actually, this was my second bake. The first bake was done at 9pm and it was a disaster, the cake did not rise. I used a recipe from a net (cant tell, coz it was a failure). Then..I quickly turned to my one and only inspired baker Kak Yani, and whipped the above. Alhamdulillah, at 12pm I had a pretty funfetti cake.

By 10 what was left. A quarter of the cake was given to a dear friend and the rest were gone into those little tummies.

 Go on bake them your self, the kids loved them!

Till then & take care!

November 15, 2012

Robocar Poli Birthday Cake

First and foremost, was my utmost fault for being too lazy to update this blog. I was not lazing around, but I was fully occupied with THINGS. Please do 'LIKE' my FB page to get in touch of possible my latest bakes.

School hols is back..yes, that long creepy hols. Nothing much in plan, but I have placed the boys to Al-quran class daily for the entire school hols! In hope, less quarreling, less Ipads time and less watching TV.  They'll get ready in the morning, had heavy breakfast and off to the class till 12 noon. Got home by 1 pm, had lunch..and usually by 3pm-4pm, both were tired and down with their short nap. By 5pm, i'll shoved them outside to play. It just worries me too much if the boys, simply lying in front of the TV or giggling over endless games on the Ipad. 

No new recipe recently. But, I discovered something new! Received an order for a Robocar Poli birthday cake theme. I had no idea what's the character or cartoon was, until I've googled them, HERE. They were Koreans and like all the Koreans superstar..these mini vehicles were indeed were super cute!! 

This was a big 10 inch cake with 4 layers of rainbow. Yes, all the figurines were hand made, I spent an hour on each figurines;)

Delivered this Lightning Mcqueen cake today. The inside was a soft & delicious banana cake. I baked them twice, as my kids pestered me to cut up the first bake. Oh, was the first cake, half were gone in few minutes. I'll post the Lightning McQueen cake later ;)

Recipe was once posted HERE.

Go on..whip the above banana cake this school hols!! Your kids going to love them!!

Till then, take care!

October 28, 2012

Tiffany Blue Lace Wedding Cake

Dear all..

I do hope and wish I'd have a strong reason for less updates..less of everything. But no I don't have that reason. Those were times when I just love being mute-d and remote-d. I baked, I was occupied with family..there were back to back sickness. Me and hubby spent sleepless nights taking care of first Zarif with his phlegm then Aizam with fever. The morning of Eid Ul Adha was spent at DEMC, lucky Aizam was not admitted. And yes, we did not 'balik kampung', instead MIL came over and spend the 'raya' with us in Shah Alam.

With all the ups and downs I still managed to fulfil few orders. Those who emails were not replied, sorry..too last minute..i just can't..

Made this Tiffany blue lace wedding cake. The cake was moist chocolate cake. More bakes are here in my FB page..

Made this blue velvet again..for MIL. Every one said it was so sedap.. ;)

Have been 'playing' around with Instragram.. Come search and follow me @ zatilscakerylane ;)

I made my first rendang for the 'raya', having my mom on the phone with every single, lengkuas sebesar penumbuk Zarif, kerisik semangkuk yang putih tu (well that mangkuk putih my mom remembered in my drawer)..hikss.. It was nervous as Iman was so used to my mom's rendang. As I served to everyone, Iman said.."Mommy your rendang and Nenek's, terbaikkk".. pheww.. ;)

Till then everyone..take care!

October 18, 2012

A Simple & Delicious Corporate Gift

It was true what they said about the law of attraction. And it was also true what they said about, good news permeates by it self. And how true how you must get it right the first time.

Being in this baking business is never easy, with a lot of great bakers growing like mushroom after the rain, including me. I do hope I'll be one of those who survived to meet a rainbow one day. And I thanked full for every trust and support received ;)

Had fun baking & packing these brownies and mini red velvet cake for a gift from my regular customer for her bank clients.Thank you Kak!

Take care all & don't forget to drop by to LIKE the page!

October 9, 2012

A Vintage Flower Box Wedding Cake with White Lily

Assalam all,

What a week last week was..everyday was THE day. Everything I did was slow, real slow. There were bakes, there were a gathering 'tying' the two families..and knowing my mom..there were endless dishes to prepare, and there were my Iman's concert day and also there were weddings to attend.

And my bad to not keeping this blog updated as it should be. It was much easier to update my bakes via FB and recently via instagram. The Iphone was such a real super tool to easily get connected..

There were bakes made last week which updated in the FB page, but the highlight would definitely be the wedding cake I made. I purposely decided to re-apply the same technique I did the previous one i learnt and here it is another version of a similar vintage box cake. Only, that i omitted the ribbon which supposed to be at the front. The white lily was requested from the bridegroom for the bride, for her favourite flower. Many happiness to Taufik & Laila!

I only did the wedding cake..while the cup cakes were baked by my sister. I must say, that the cupcakes indeed added classic and elegant look to the whole set up. We were happy for how it turned out. And I was surprised that my ivory colour almost matched the table drapes ;)

I haven't bake for us for some times and the kids kept on nagging to have this and that. We stopped for a dessert and bought blueberry cheese cake and strawberry shortcake, and they only ate a spoon each. "Not like your's mommy.." Ended, me and hubby had to stuffed ourselves..

Till then, take care and be happy with your loved ones!!

September 28, 2012

Vintage Flower Box Wedding Cake

'I cried once this cake was finished', was my FB status on Wednesday. Here, let me allow the following picture do the talking. No, you dont need a tissue like what happened to me..I was being over-sensitive that day.

It was a huge experience. Something I've always wanted to do, something I craved for. Very intricate artistic work with a lot of creativity involved. Patient & passion. Pride. TQVM Anissa & Anita from Confetti Studio for sharing their expert knowledge in cake decoration to someone so little like me.

Interested? Do email me ;)

Alhamdulillah, below are all the bakes collected/delivered today. TQ lovely people!!

Have a great weekend to all! Take care..