May 12, 2012

New! Red Velvet in Jar!

May have always been the month of love to me. The month for all mommies & teachers and most important the month of my birthday. So love is everywhere, and sometimes grows to a melancholic mode. Only when I am a mother my self, I've started to appreciate the importance of these important days and giving out is a way to show love.

To my Mak - You are the world to me. How old i many kids i have, i still have to call you everyday to seek comfort, suggestions or simply hear your voice. I love you most Mak!

To my teachers - You made who I am today. Thank you so much for all the guidance, core values & EVERYTHING that you have inculcated to me. Happy teachers day!!

Wish May doest last so fast..

Here some of the bakes for this week.

TQ Azira and happy birthday dear. These cuppies had an accident where I had an emergency break to avoid a cat while another hand was holding my baby in his seat on the passenger side. A mistake I did was placing the box on the back seat. NEVER EVER place the cake box in the back seat AGAIN. A little bump will certainly result to major DAMAGE. So sorry Azira.. :(

TQSM Erin. Red velvet with cream cheese.

TQSM Ana. Red velvet with buttercream & fondant decoration.

I received an order of 100 jars of these delicious cakes in June from a dear person. Just to make an early preparations I managed to find these jars (TQ!!! Azira for the source. I did asked a few super bakers on where to get these jars..and none replied. Glad for a friend with no benefit.. ) and arranged them last night just to see how much cake and cream cheese required per jar. Here are some of the photos taken. By end of today, 10 of these jars were given out to some lovely people.. Enjoy!

Jar volume - 250 ml
2 layers of cake and topping
Also available in :
Chocolate moist cake with chocolate ganache
Rainbow cake with cream cheese
To order email

I am so glad meeting good and nice people out there..and so glad on the trust and supports received.

Thank you all..have a good weekend!

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